Aethic l’Air Bien Remarkable In-flight Re-Hydration 30ml


Developed for the most frequent flyers of all: crew members. 200 of them helped us make sure that this product really rehydrates your skin, gives you a refreshing zing and makes you feel smoooooth.

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As you will no doubt already have experienced, flying dries out your skin. Now with Aethic l’Air Bien there is a product that not only moisturises but also retains that moisture in your skin with Cellevie™ restorer.

When you begin to feel a little weary and really would love a shower, the wonderfully zingy fragrance also adds a sparkle to your life. This was specially calibrated for use at altitude where your senses are a little sluggish.

Re-moisturise and refresh with Aethic l’Air Bien. Try it now.

Aethic l’Air Bien was developed with the help of airline crew members and feedback sought from 200 people of various airlines. No wonder then that it has a growing following with these professional flyers. We just thought, it if really works for them, then it has to work for passengers too! So now we’ve made available to you too.

Includes Amaranth Oil and Goji Berry extract.


  1. Maren Springsteen

    I love everything about this superb moisturizer—from its deeply hydrating formula to its chic, environmentally friendly packaging, eco-plastic made out of sugar cane.
    Looking at the ingredient list, I am not surprised that it packs a punch—sunflower oil was proven by NIH studies to repair our skin’s barrier far better than other plant oils due to its high linoleic acid content; silk retains moisture 10.000 times its weight in water and on it goes with the most exquisite ingredients you could wish for! I was amazed that my skin still felt plump, smooth and silky to the touch, yet never sticky, even after more than twelve hours after application!
    L’air Bien is serious hydration that I only wish I knew about during my many flying years; I will surely highly recommend it to all my colleagues still in the air! Whilst it was developed especially with long haul flying in mind, I find this outstanding also during summer heat, or in arid environments.
    Did I mention the addictive scent, evoking fresh lime, with non of the baddies in there when it comes to phototoxicity? My husband simply will not stop sniffing my face!:)
    An all around great product that satisfies the most discerning customer when it comes to finding a serious moisturizer that truly delivers and meets all criteria mentioned. Thank you for truly innovative excellence—much appreciated!

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