Your Skin

You’ve always known that you need to care for your skin and people like you now recognise that skin is more than just about looking good. Your skin is your largest organ and needs to stay healthy.

It’s worth looking after from the inside and the outside

With a good balanced natural diet and by protecting your skin from daily life and the sun’s harmful rays in particular, you will have the best skin you can get. Feeling good and looking good are closely connected and caring for your skin properly every day plays a very big part in this.

At Aethic, we are doing everything we can to develop the most natural and compatible products for use in different circumstances to maintain your skin healthy and looking good.

We also wish to stay in balance with nature itself by diminishing our impact on the world around us and the ocean in particular.

Please join us on that journey.

We all now understand that the sun’s UV rays can cause skin cancer and that this risk is increasing. Sunscreens are intended to block or filter these rays, limiting the damage to your skin yet allowing you to tan if that is what you like.

Some sun filters may be photo-unstable.

Meaning that they stop working after a short time in the sun.

For our first product, Aethic Sôvée, we tested filters to identify those that would best:

  • provide broad spectrum (UVA+UVB) protection from sun rays
  • prove photostable… work better for longer when subjected to those rays
  • leave sensitive marine life such as coral, sea urchins and mussels, unharmed

We then took these same principles to all the natural ingredients combined in our unique patented formula. Your skin stays soft as well as safe and you leave delicate life in our oceans undamaged.




These are the key benefits of  Sôvée  the only sunscreen in the world to have an ecocompatible patent and gain a Marine Positive certification.

It’s the philosophy and ethos that we now apply to all our products