Our Story

It all started with a car and a dolphin

In July 2007 Allard Marx was working on his Delfino car project and wanted to find a clean and sustainable energy source and in the meantime find a way to offset any environmental damage done. Given the name, this offset had to be aquatic.

The carbon footprint only relates to air pollution and becoming carbon just neutral did not seem enough.

There was no equivalent for water and the ocean so together with Susannah Stewart, the water pollution acquatrail and marine positive certification were born.

Sunscreen study – science in the ocean

In 2008, Allard read Prof. Roberto Danovaro et al’s scientific study proving that most sunscreens kill coral in The Times and National Geographic.

Evidently here was a group of marine scientists which understood water pollution and Allard approached him immediately.

Roberto liked the acquatrail and marine positive and promptly agreed to collaborate giving the acquatrail a scientific basis. It is now the definitive and only formula for attributing a monetary damage value to water pollution.

But the damage done by sunscreen itself had not been forgotten.

Looking after your skin and the ocean

In 2009 it was Susannah who suggested approaching some cosmetic companies to develop a marine positive sunscreen scientifically. Astonishingly, nobody picked up this idea and eventually Allard, remembering all the while to put skin first, decided to do it himself and start Aethic in 2011. He’s immersed in leading the company full time.

Susannah is a shareholder of Aethic and a Trustee of The Going Blue Foundation which incorporates Marine Positive.

Roberto Danovaro, Cinzia Corinaldesi, Elisabetta Damiani and their team did all the ingredient selection and the marine testing of Aethic’s first product and continue to lead their respective scientific fields.


Aethic Sôvée is the successful outcome of this story and to have it delivered at home or your hotel buy it here.