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As passionate ocean advocates, Aethic has revolutionised sun protection with the world’s only proven & patented reef safe formula. Each ingredient in our reef safe sunscreen has undergone individual testing, and further comprehensive testing for the finished product in its entirety. It has been proven safe for coral!  All this scientific evidence is in the world’s only eco compatible sunscreen patent which can be found on our site.
No other brand can support its claims in this way.

Aethic reef safe sunscreen comes in a bottle made from sustainable sugar cane bio-plastic, making it kind to the environment.

Aethic reef safe sunscreen makes other brands greenwash with envy 🙂


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Aethic SPF 50+ concentree suncream triple filter



Our SPF 50+ All-Clear Triple Filter Sun Cream has been specially developed to protect highly exposed areas. It boasts a state-of-the-art combination of our exclusive patented formula with 3 advanced sun filters.

Meticulously crafted for targeted SPF 50+ protection, its fast-absorbing smooth transparent finish becomes invisible after application.

It proudly carries the golden seal of the world’s only proven and patented reef safe formula – backed by science.

Ideal for those with sensitive skin, water sports athletes around the world love it. Proven not to be harmful to the coral reef and its marine environment!

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…and the ocean loves Aethic back. As Aethic’s reach grows, so does its commitment to affecting real change for the preservation of marine life and coral, in particular through people like you who can bring about changes in attitude. Buy Aethic reef safe sunscreen and the ocean loves you back

Big brands have demonstrated their belief in our mission and our sunscreens and face creams too.

big brands that already support Aethic reef safe sunscreen
SPF50 Sunscreen for children fragrance free

SPF 50 Sunscreen Mother and Child Fragrance-Free 150ml

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SPF 50+ Aethic suncream concentree triple filter all clear

SPF 50+ All-Clear Triple-Filter Suncream 30ml

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UV T-shirts Aethic X by oceanR

UV T-shirts: Aethic X OceanR

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Aethic spf40 reef safe sunscreen

SPF 40 Sunscreen Reef Safe 150ml

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SPF 25 reef safe sunscreen

SPF25 Reef Safe Sunscreen eco compatible 150ml

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Vegan organic Face Cream with Photamin

Vegan Organic Face Cream with Photamin

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Reef safe sunscreen explained


Reef safe sunscreen refers to sunscreens that are formulated with ingredients that should be proven to be environmentally harmless for coral reefs or marine ecosystems.

Traditional sunscreens often contain chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate, which have been found to contribute to coral bleaching and negatively impact marine life.

Yet coral damage is not limited to these sun filters that have garnered media attention and have been banned in places such as Hawaii, Palau, Bonaire and Mexico. That’s an important part of the story but not the whole story.

The perfumes, fillers, emulsifiers, moisturisers and even essential oils can also cause damage. These are seldom mentioned by other brands. In contrast, a truly reef safe sunscreen like ours can demonstrate scientifically that all the ingredients are harmless.

Our reef safe sunscreen is the only one to have all that proof in the world’s only patent for an eco compatible sunscreen formulation.

Choose our reef safe sunscreen and help to protect coral reefs and marine biodiversity, promote sustainable practices for sun protection and enjoy outdoor activities safe from the sun’s strong rays. Keep your skin and the ocean safe.

Does Aethic reef safe sunscreen protect your skin well?


Yes, unlike many others, our reef safe sunscreen provides effective protection for the skin. With three of the best sun filters available on the market, Aethic has developed a formula that not only prioritises environmental responsibility but also delivers high-quality sun protection for your skin. The combination of these three sun filters forms part of our patent.

What people are saying...

Thank you so much, this stuff is amazing! So happy! I’ve never used sunblock like that before ; sunblock usually makes me slip off my board when I surf, or sand is always sticking to me. This sunblock isn’t greasy and it smells nice too!

Heidi Palmboom – Surfer -Western Province R.S.A. U20 Girls Champion

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Year-round skincare including the world’s only proven reef-safe patented ecocompatible sunscreen to prevent damage to your skin and the ocean.

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