What is Reef Safe Sunscreen -the proof

22nd Feb 2024

The science behind our sunscreen

Aethic is dedicated to providing the proof that our sunscreen is truly reef safe and 100% free from all harmful ingredients that cause damage to the marine ecosystem.

Sunscreen is essential for protecting our skin, but concerns about its impact on coral reefs have cast a shadow on this vital product. While many brands claim “reef safe,” true transparency and scientific proof are often lacking. Here at Aethic, we’re changing the game with our proven patented sunscreen formula, the world’s only! It is demonstrably safe for both marine life and even the most sensitive skin.

The golden Seal

This claim is a scientific achievement backed by rigorous testing and a transparent approach. We ensure your sunscreen delivers what it promises – all supported by the proof right on the label. Forget greenwashing tactics – we’re diving deep, providing the honest truth about our unique formula.

This post breaks down both what’s in our sunscreen and how it’s proven reef safe, addressing key criteria across:

Instead of focusing on isolated aspects, we take a holistic approach to sunscreen protection.

  • Broad-spectrum protection: Our formula covers a comprehensive range of UVA and UVB Wavelengts, providing spectrum protection for optimal skin safety. (for proof, see page 10- 4.4 Photostability of the sunscreen cream exposed to UVA rays (~275 kj/m2 ) of the patent pdf)
  • Long-lasting efficacy: Rigorous testing ensures the photostability of our sun filters, guaranteeing their effectiveness even under prolonged sun exposure.
  • Deeply hydrated skin: We combine sun protection with effective hydration and moisturization, nourishing your skin while shielding it from the sun
  • Effortless application: Our formula spreads easily and smoothly, avoiding the inconvenience of thick, white residue.shielding it from the sun.
aethic reef safe sunscreen face cream fast absorbing hydrating
  • Powerful antioxidant defense: Vitamin E works synergistically with our sun filters, offering additional protection against free radical damage.
  • Gentle on eyes: We prioritize formulas that are non-stinging on the eyes, making application comfortable for everyone.
  • Fast absorption: The formula absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue and ensuring effective protection.
  • Fragrance choice: We offer a range of options with subtle, pleasant fragrances or fragrance-free versions to cater to individual preferences.
  • Child-friendly: Our formula is safe and gentle, making it suitable for the delicate skin of children.
Aethic child friendly skin care sunscreen reef safe the proof

SPF 40 Sunscreen Reef Safe 150ml

Aethic SPF40 has 3 sun filters to cover off more sunray wavelengths to provide broad-spectrum, extremely photo-stable protection.  Our 100% reef safe sunscreen has been granted the world’s only eco compatible proven sunscreen patent.

Aethic spreads easily, doesn’t sting, absorbs fast and gives you ultimate protection.  It leaves no white cast and contains no Zinc oxide or Titanium Dioxide, both proven to harm the coral reef, even in small amounts.

€ 59


2.1Transparency Through Rigorous Standards

We understand the concerns surrounding “reef safe” claims, and we prioritize full transparency, offering the proof behind our claims readily available. Here’s how we ensure our sunscreen truly fits the bill:

Who tested? Our formula is tested by independent laboratories( methodology and experimental data; 3.1 study area page 7) known for their expertise in marine ecotoxicology, ensuring unbiased and reliable results. After extensive research, we turned to Professor Robert Danovaro, a highly respected expert in his field, and a full professor at the Università Politecnica Delle Marche- 60121- Ancona Italy. He holds prestigious positions such as President of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn and Member of the European Academy of Science.

What protocol used? We go beyond industry standards, utilizing a multi-parameter protocol (page 10/4.3 coral bleaching )developed by leading marine scientists. This protocol assesses various impacts on marine life, including:

  • Coral bleaching: We evaluate potential for coral bleaching, a hallmark of stress and coral health decline.
  • Algae release: We measure the release of harmful algae from corals, often triggered by sunscreen pollutants.
  • Growth inhibition: We assess the impact on coral growth, crucial for healthy reef ecosystems.
  • Additional parameters: Our tests extend beyond these to encompass other relevant metrics, providing a comprehensive picture of our formula’s effect on marine life.
Reef lab experiment the proof that our products are safe
Reef lab experiment with antler coral to test ingredients and whole formula of aethic reef safe sunscreen

Summary of criteria used to test eco-compatibility of tested products with coral reefs: How many ingredients? Entire finished formula – page 10 . Unlike some who test select ingredients, we test the complete finished formula. This ensures accurate assessment of the cumulative impact of all components, not just isolated elements.

Published, verifiable, public domain? (page 10) Our test results are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and readily available on our website, allowing you to verify the proof behind our claims independently.

2.2 Sunscreen and Skin Cancer

While sunscreen plays a crucial role in sun safety, recent research indicates potential gaps in its effectiveness contributing to the concerning rise in skin cancer rates. This doesn’t negate the importance of sunscreen, but it emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach.

Understanding these limitations and exploring additional sun protection measures empower you to make informed choices for your skin’s health. Remember, consistent and proper sunscreen use remains vital, but layering it with strategies like sun-protective clothing, seeking shade, and practicing sun awareness builds a stronger defense against harmful UV rays

3.1 The proof is in the blend

Our sunscreen utilizes a synergistic blend of 3 broad-spectrum, photostable sun filters for comprehensive UV protection across UVA and UVB wavelengths. This scientifically formulated blend ensures long-lasting efficacy under prolonged sun exposure.Our commitment to superior protection and care goes beyond mere claims. The proof lies within the meticulously crafted formula:

Beyond protection, the formula incorporates 3 emollients and Vitamin E to provide superior skin hydration and antioxidant defense. This combination promotes healthy, nourished skin while shielding against free radicals.

Our formula utilizes food-grade preservatives and is rigorously tested to ensure suitability for even the most sensitive skin and is safe for children. The SPF 50 formula stands out, as demonstrated by the prove of frequent use across families.

the proof label Aethic reef safe sunscreen
3.1. What is photostability ?

Sunscreens rely on photostable UV filters to maintain their protective efficacy under sunlight. Photostability refers to the resistance of a molecule to chemical breakdown induced by ultraviolet radiation. It’s like your shield’s resistance to enemy fire. It tells you how well the sunscreen holds up under sunlight, specifically ultraviolet (UV) rays.

After applying sunscreen, it absorbs harmful UV rays, protecting your skin. But if it’s photostable, it will do this consistently throughout your sun exposure.

Crucially, sunscreens often contain multiple UV filters, each with varying photostability profiles. While some filters exhibit robust stability across UVA and UVB ranges, others degrade under specific wavelengths, potentially compromising overall protection.

Understanding photostability is vital for several reasons:

  • Degradation products: Unsteady filters may decompose into potentially irritating or allergenic compounds.
  • Reduced efficacy: Degraded filters lose their UV absorbance, leaving skin vulnerable to harmful radiation.
  • Misleading labeling: Claims like “broad spectrum” only hold true if all filters maintain stability under varied UV exposure.

Therefore, manufacturers rigorously test sunscreen photostability using standardized protocols. Consumers can prioritize photostable options by seeking formulations containing filters known for their high photostability across both UVA and UVB wavelengths. Additionally, regularly reapplying sunscreen, regardless of its photostability rating, remains crucial for optimal protection.

4.1Comprehensive Reef Safe Testing for Uncompromising Protection

Our commitment to reef safety translates into rigorous testing protocols, validated by global marine scientists. The formula undergoes a four-parameter assessment, exceeding industry standards by screening individual ingredients and retesting the entire formula, including studies on sensitive organisms like sea urchins and clams. While many claim “reef safe,” the proof often remains hidden. At Aethic, we’re changing the game with scientifically proven protection, demonstrably safe for both marine life and your skin.

aethic reef safe sunscreen the proof is in the label. totally tested

These evaluations are not confined to in-house testing. Reef tests are incorporated into the patent documentation, thereby offering undeniable proof behind our claims. while specific sea urchin test results are published in a peer-reviewed study, ensuring transparency and scientific credibility.

This multi-faceted approach empowers you to choose our sunscreen with confidence, knowing it prioritizes both your skin’s health and the well-being of marine ecosystems.

5.1 Mineral sun filters

The term “mineral” sun filter often evokes images of naturalness, but the reality is more nuanced. While ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide exist in nature, these filters used in sunscreens are typically synthesized in the same controlled environments as chemical sun filters, and they are not harvested from nature. The proof lies in their impact.

While not “organic” in the strict sense, they offer advantages:

  • Broad-spectrum protection: These filters effectively block both UVA and UVB rays, shielding against skin damage and cancer risk.
  • High safety: Studies generally show lower irritation potential compared to some chemical filters, making them suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Photostability: They maintain their potency under sunlight, unlike some chemical filters that degrade over time.
  • Reduced White cast: These formulations can leave a visible white residue, particularly on darker skin tones. This is being addressed with micronized particles and innovative formulations.
Aethic take a leap for the ocean

By staying informed and making informed choices, you can achieve sun safety while aligning with your personal values and environmental considerations.

5.2. Chemical sun filters

Beyond the Label: The term “chemical” sun filter often carries negative connotations, but it’s important to remember – everything, including “mineral” filters, are technically chemicals. This label simply indicates man-made origin, which both types share.

Innovation Stalled: It’s true that the U.S. hasn’t approved new chemical sun filters for over a decade due to stricter regulations and lengthy approval processes. This backlog in processing and prohibitive costs hinders advancements in this category, as they are considered as drugs.

Media Misconceptions: Unfortunately, media narratives often paint all “chemical” filters with the same brush, despite variations in their properties and impact.

Beyond the Blanket Ban: While some chemical filters have raised concerns, ours are carefully chosen for their:

  • Proven safety: Rigorous testing ensures they meet strict human health standards.
  • Reef-friendliness: We prioritize formulas demonstrably safe for marine life, exceeding industry standards.

While some ingredients indeed are proven harmful to both humans and coral, ours are:

Declared safe for skin by EU & Proven harmless to coral

The Proof Lies in the Details: We actively participate in and contribute to ongoing research, ensuring you have access to accurate and up-to-date information. We believe in transparency and scientific proof, not just claims.

6.1.Biodegradable / show the proof
  1. Degradation doesn’t equal safety: Broken-down components might remain harmful, contributing to pollution.
  2. Dispersal & Persistence: Degraded fragments can disperse widely, potentially impacting various ecosystems.
Coral Bleaching

Focusing solely on biodegradability ignores the bigger picture. We prioritize:

  • Rigorous testing: We assess environmental impact beyond biodegradability, ensuring formulas are truly reef-safe and ocean-friendly.
  • Sustainable sourcing: We choose ingredients responsibly, minimizing our environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle.
6.2. Ecocompatible
Aethic team coral the proof eco compatible
Aethic Eco compatible sunscreen

“Eco compatible” is our commitment, not just a marketing term. We translate this into proven compatibility with marine life, particularly coral reefs.

Moving beyond exclusion: We don’t simply avoid known harmful ingredients; we go further.

Testing the entire formula: No cherry-picking here. We test the complete formula, not just individual ingredients, ensuring its overall effect on marine life is demonstrably safe.

The sunscreen industry is rife with misleading claims, and we’re committed to doing things differently. Terms like “biodegradable,” “mineral/organic,” or “without X ingredient” fall short. There are several class action suits in the U.S. against sunscreen greenwashing.

7.1 The proof is in the testing!

We acknowledge the concerns surrounding certifications granted by private companies. These entities might have a financial incentive to approve products, potentially leading to the certification of formulations containing harmful ingredients. Therefore, we prioritize independent testing conducted by accredited laboratories with recognized expertise in marine ecotoxicology, ensuring unbiased and reliable results.

Our sunscreen is used by water sports professionals. It’s tangible proof of the trust it has earned within the demanding world of aquatic activities. These athletes rely on equipment and gear that performs seamlessly under pressure, and their choice of our sunscreen speaks volumes about its efficacy and reliability.

Beyond endorsements: We don’t simply rely on testimonials. We actively collaborate with water sports professionals, gathering their insights and incorporating their feedback into our product development process. This ensures our formula meets their rigorous standards for:

  • Water resistance: Staying effective even after long periods of immersion and activity.
  • Sweatproof protection: Maintaining performance despite exertion and heavy sweating.
  • Broad-spectrum coverage: Offering comprehensive protection against UVA and UVB rays, crucial for extended sun exposure.
  • Protection of Marine life
  • Durability: Withstanding the challenges of various water environments and activities.

Some of our customers :

  • Harvey Nichols
  • Selfridges
  • Whole Foods
  • Planet Organic
  • Victoria Health
  • KLM
  • Alitalia
  • COMO Resorts
  • Sofitel hotels
  • El corte Ingles
  • KrisShop
  • Pret-a-porter
  • Six senses
  • Helly Hansen
  • 3sixty
big brands that already support Aethic reef safe sunscreen

Beyond claims, beyond labels, lies the ocean’s future. With our meticulously researched and rigorously tested formula, we offer you undeniable proof of reef safe protection. This isn’t just about your skin, it’s about making a conscious choice for the vibrant ecosystems that sustain us all. By choosing our sunscreen, you become part of the solution, leaving behind a legacy of respect and responsibility for the world we share. Dive into the evidence, explore the proof, and join us in safeguarding the wonders of our underwater world.