Do it with “lef”

It’s all about having “lef” 

In our founder’s native Dutch, “lef” means a combination of daring, audacity and courage. Lef is in Aethic’s DNA and is embodied by the sports women and men who, like you, use our products; it underpins the way we’ve taken on the bigger companies in skincare and it’s how we approach the huge challenge of mitigating damage to the ocean and restoring life to decimated coral, kelp, mangroves and seaweed through The Going Blue Foundation.

If it can’t be first, we won’t produce it.

Lef is applied to our products too.  It drives us always to make products that nobody else has made before so as to give you something special that really works and makes you feel good.

It’s how we came to research and develop world’s first patented ecocompatible sunscreen formula to protect your skin like few others and leave marine life intact.

We then developed a range of different face creams and world’s first vegan beauty truffles adding Peruvian superfoods to reduce skin irritation or blotchiness associated with many normal chocolates.

Working with Novamont and Polycart, we instigated the first compostable transparent packaging film.

And now, we’re working on world’s most complete natural extract to reduce skin damage from the sun’s rays.