Aethic launches Sôvée at Selfridges in response to global sunscreen crisis

11th Jun 2013

Press Release – London, 28th May, 2013.

“Aethic launches Sôvée at Selfridges in response to

global sunscreen crisis”

London-based skincare company Aethic, launches its Sôvée ecocompatible and marine positive sunscreen in Selfridges today, to begin to address the global issue that most sunscreens kill coral.

Selfridges was chosen because of Creative Director Alannah Weston’s declared commitment to the oceans and the store’s Project Ocean summer promotion, now in its 3rd year.

Says Aethic CEO, Allard Marx: “For anyone who really cares about their skin and wants to feel good about leaving the ocean intact, Sôvée is the right choice.

From here we are working on other distribution and marketing arrangements and intend for Sôvée to play a leading role in protecting skin and coral alike around the world “.

A study conducted by a leading marine scientist in 2008, revealed that most sunscreens kill coral by activating a deadly virus latent in Algae, the primary food source for coral. Once deprived of this food, the coral bleaches and, in a matter of hours, dies.

Many ingredients were individually tested by this same leading marine scientist, in order to use, only and exclusively, the ingredients that did not harm the coral in the Sôvée formula.

Once the final skin-protective and skin-nourishing ingredients were selected, the complete product was again tested in its entirety and stage two research found that both coral and mussels remained completely intact in The Coral Triangle in Indonesia and in the Mediterranean, respectively.

The patented formula incorporates three of the most photo-stable sun filters available, three organic moisturisers (beeswax, olive oil and coconut extract), Vitamin E as a skin anti-oxidant and only food grade preservatives.

Sôvée is available now from the ground floor The Beauty Workshop in Selfridges.

Editor Notes:

  • Sôvée is also available from and RRP’s are: SPF 15 is £40 / SPF 25 is £44 / SPF 40 is £53
  • Follow us on Twitter @aethic
  • Allard Marx is the founder of AETHIC skin care lab and is also co-founder and trustee of the first global campaign to reduce all water pollution acquatrails at source visit
  • for more information.

A few facts and Quotes:

  •  10% of all the damage done to coral is estimated to come from standard sunscreens
  • Sôvée is the world’s first certified Marine Positive sunscreen and a contribution is made from the sale of every 150ml bottle to the Going Blue Foundation’s Coral Nursery Fund, which aims to replenish and conserve threatened coral reefs.
  • Polly Alford, Managing Director at ReefCI on Tom Owens Caye in Belize said:  “We are delighted that AETHIC has developed Sôvée, a product that leaves the coral reefs totally untouched and unharmed.   Now we can enjoy our beautiful coral seas safely and responsibly without harming the environment – while at the same time protecting ourselves.”
  • Rochelle Ballard, a world renowned pro-surfer, actively uses Sôvée and is full of praise; “It smells good, feels good and works well.
  • Alexandra Cousteau, National Geographic Young Explorer, “Blue” advocate and grand-daughter of legendary Jacques Cousteau said: “I believe in what Aethic is doing and the product itself is wonderful”.

Sôvée is formulated to include the best, most photo-stable sun filters available in the world combining three organic moisturizers with Vitamin E as a skin anti-oxidant and uses only food-grade preservatives.  With a silky soft texture and natural scent, Sôvée is available in three SPFs: 15, 25 and 40.  It comes in a corn-plastic biodegradable bottle in a glue free box.