Out of the Blue – Aethic l’Air Bien

24th Jan 2016

Our new in-flight skin rehydration cream, will take off with Blue Panorama Airlines. We are to supply their Business Class passengers.

Blue Panorama Airlines is based in Italy and flies to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Greece, Egypt, Spain, Albania and within Italy itself.

It’s a development that makes our founder Allard Marx particularly happy. He always says that he “spent his childhood on stand-by” as his father Iddo Marx was an executive first for KLM, then Philippine Airlines and then brought MSA, the forerunner of Singapore Airlines, to Europe. His uncle Marco Antonini was a Director at Alitalia. Many years later Allard himself consulted for several airlines and the love of airlines and aeroplanes remains in his blood.

During a flight from Paris to London early in 2014, sitting in the last row, he fell into conversation with Laurie de Suin, a French cabin attendant returning from a private trip to her parents. The conversation eventually moved to skincare and Aethic. Laurie was enthusiastic about Sôvée and how it prevents damage to your skin and the ocean. She then described how often she and her colleagues spoke of skin problems and especially the constant dehydration suffered during the many flights they worked on every week.

There and then, on final approach to land, Allard resolved to develop an in-flight rehydration cream specially formulated for air crew and enlisted Laurie’s help to test and perfect it with her colleagues. 200 crew members were involved in the process.

Aethic l’Air Bien is the result of almost two years’ work. Air crew members worldwide and Blue Panorama’s Business Class passengers will be world’s first people to use it.

(Air crew members will be able to buy it from this site at a special crew-only price).