Our Oceans

As Hawaii, Key West and Palau ban harmful sunscreen ingredients, so many more locations will probably follow.

Coral covers just 1% of the ocean bed yet sustains 25% of ocean life. Life which in turn sustains hundreds of millions of people! This is no small thing.

While global warming and the resulting rise in sea temperatures accounts for most of the reef damage, it is estimated that 10% of the damage is attributable to standard sunscreens.

Many resorts hotels which depend on coral reefs to attract guests now also understand the importance of protecting this vital asset and have banned the use of sunscreens that are not bio-degradable.

However bio-degradable is not enough. Many biodegradable sunscreens, although they might dilute and disperse in water, may still contain ingredients that can trigger a fatal virus in live coral which can decimate a reef.

At Aethic we have gone one further than anyone else in substantiating our coral-safe claim. We invested in a unique patented eco-compatible formula of our own, where all the ingredients are proven completely safe for corals, clams and sea urchins – which are among the most delicate and essential sea organisms. If you would like to know more about this, try this page on our site.

This is the formula of Sôvée, the world’s first sunscreen to also be certified Marine Positive.

Part of our sales revenues are ploughed back into The Going Blue Foundation which in turn is active in restoring ocean health with actions like www.corabon.com