Coral is Moral

23rd May 2016

Aethic is supporting a campaign to save coral from sunscreen damage with a £1 donation from each bottle of Aethic Sôvée triple-filtre sunscreen sold during the summer of 2016. Sôvée is the only sunscreen that has been scientifically validated and patented to leave coral intact.

Most other sunscreens inflict irreparable damage on coral. To fight this The Going Blue Foundation has launched the Coral is Moral campaign to  ban coral-killing oxybenzone sunscreens. Aethic’s donations will go towards coral reef restoration projects in the Caribbean and South East Asia. Read all about it on  the page and please add #coralismoral to your tweets and pictures. And, yes, instead of your standard sunscreen, buy Aethic reef safe sunscreen . Thanks for your support in saving coral.